May I Have Your Attention Please?

posted by on 3rd June 2013, at 3:49am

Hello again, from all of us here at Rsbandb! Hopefully May was a great month for you, and may you enjoy June just as much! Now if I may, I’d like to use only one more pun involving the word May. But I’ll hide it somewhere, so you’ll have to scour this post to find it, and may you enjoy it when you do! Oh. I guess that was the pun there. Oh well, if you’re all finished groaning, I’ve got some talented writers to showcase to you, with some great topical articles that will be sure to tickle your fancy.

Duke Juker kicked off the month with a thundering article – a review of a multiplayer aerial combat game called War Thunder! If being the ace pilot of your chosen Axis or Allied country sounds like a little slice of heaven to you, then checking out Duke’s article is a must.

Next up, we had Jasonmrc doing a recap of all of the different versions of Runescape, highlighting the various strengths and weaknesses of each, and speculating toward what the future will bring. Is the next version really Runescape 3? Not quite…

Meanwhile, Alex has a bone to pick with Jagex over the Return of Rares. Remember kids, you’re unique and special, just like everyone else! If you’re outraged by the sudden commonality of previously hard to obtain items in Runescape, then this one’s for you!

Zant, our newest writer,  has been delicately examining the tightrope that is the Evolution of Combat; specifically the balance of various combat stances, types, weapons and other combat stats. His findings show that there is much to be desired in the balance of EoC, but that improvements can be made to increase the effectiveness of Jagex’s latest Player vs. World combat system. Just what improvements can be made? You’ll have to read more to find out!

Mason has been feeling very powerful in Runescape (but possibly in life as well) lately, and attributes that reason to Jagex’s empowerment of the player character, and suggests that players are now Playing God. He suggests that this growing omnipotence might be a step in the wrong direction when it comes to replayability.

Last, but certainly not least, is everyone’s favourite Shane, Shane! He enthralls us all with his riveting ballad of the virtues and shortcomings of a desktop language that should be near and dear to everyone’s hearts: Java! If you’ve always wondered about how exactly Java works, then wonder no more!

This month’s featured article comes from one of our gaming writers of the past, Mr Pink. Just 3 short years ago (it really is amazing how time flies) he dazzled with the reminiscence of games of yore and why we keep going back to them in fits of Gaming Nostalgia.

This past month also included the Slayer Skill of the Month, which was handily won by Blethorskite with over 7.5M xp gained! Informer’s very own Zant placed 2nd with 3.1M xp, and Forged took 3rd with 2.6M xp. Congratulations to you Blethorskite, you get a fancy trophy!

Congratulations as well to all other competitors, and good luck to everyone in the upcoming Mining SkotM for June!

Well, that just about wraps everything up for this month. Hope you enjoyed all of the content this month, and we’ll see you next time for even more great things. May we all have a great month! (I couldn’t resist one last time, hah!)

Kulla (and Shane, and Earth, and the Informers)

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