A Serious April

posted by on 2nd May 2013, at 1:19am

Hi everyone,

We’re back with a somewhat more serious roundup than last months. For those of you who did not notice or did not get the joke, last months roundup was our April fools edition! Hope you enjoyed it.

This month we started off with a personal account from Lord Rickles of 5 interesting things from past RuneScape that you might not know. This article was appropriately titled, Story Time with Grampa Rickles. Congratulations on 10 years of RS! Next up was Alex’s usual analytical piece featuring a discussion on hidden updates. He discusses the hidden update from Desert Treasure that lead to the Ghostly Robes being discovered and just what might be in store for those who have completed Brink of Extinction. Finally, we ended the month with an article that falls back to the true RP (Role Playing) fashions of this game genre, 15 Reasons Not to do a Quest in RuneScape Act III from Jason. Give this one a read, it’s quite funny and a refreshing break from whatever you are doing.

In our gaming and technology section we have two articles this month. The first from Duke Juker, A Word to the Wise, gives game developers five pieces of advice from us, the gamers. The second article comes from myself and discusses how to be an effective beta tester. This is very important this year because Jagex has given us two betas that they want feedback on. If the testers are uneducated it is often a recipe for disaster.

This months featured article from years past comes from Jason. He’s been with us for many years and this one comes from April 2011. The article discusses the many micro-communities found around RuneScape and the effect they can have on your game play. You can read the article here, which is effectively titled, “The Community at Small.”

Moving on to other community related news we have the results of the April Cooking Skill of The Month available. Flash obliterated the competition receiving 35,054,935 experience. While Jason B was a distant second at roughly 11.6 million experience gained. Anoi took third with 4.6 million gained. Well done Flash!

Here’s your trophy:

April 2013 SKOTM Trophy

Good luck to everyone competing in the Slayer Skill of the Month for May. The graph should look more normal this month ;).

Before we go for the month, I’d just like to remind everyone that there are only two days left to submit your Informer application. If you’d like to write with us you can send in an application and we’ll greatly read it!

See you next month!

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