Free Topic March

posted by on 1st April 2013, at 6:16am

Howdy and welcome to a new month on RSBANDBInformer!

During the month of March we had many great articles come our way, some stood out more than others. First up was the top 5 myths about RuneScape weddings, provided by Jason. We realize this might be a month late but better late than never right? This month we presented our authors with the option of choosing their own topic, as a result we hope you enjoy this deviation from our normal selection. Lord Rickles choose to fill us in on his favourite past time, Hunting for Prey! Duke Juker wrote about his awful college experience and why he dropped out to become a tailor who loves a good piece of silk. Then it was time for an article from myself, Shane. I talked about my transition from Conservative to Liberal and talked about the effect it has had on my life including how the world now is a much more harmonious place. Finally, Alex takes us on a journey to face something we must all face at some point: Mortality.

In accordance with our new tradition of highlighting an article from years past this month we have an enjoyable read for you all. I invite you to take a look at The Geology of RuneScape written by Shwa back in May 2009. The landmasses of Gielinor have really not changed all that much since 2009 which makes this all the more worthy of reading now!

There you have it, a selection of great articles to read and ponder. This month has been truly life changing for us at RSBANDBInformer! Free topic month has enabled us to discover things that we’ve never even thought of before. Even though March was a month of discovery it was also a month of loss. It is with great regret that JasonC has stopped writing for us at Informer. We wish him well in his continued work on RuneScape. This is bitter sweet since as we say goodbye to Jason as he moves on to the next emanation we look forward to greeting our next writer! Applications for a RuneScape writing position will be opened tomorrow (April 2nd). This means that YOU can take part in all the great fun we have at Informer.

Moving on to other things, specifically the March Summoning Skill of The Month competition we wish to extend a very warm congratulations to Jamandy52. He took first place with a grand total of 4,631,758 experience gained.

Here is your trophy:

March 2013 SKOTM Trophy

Good luck to all who have engaged in the April Cooking SKOTM!

See you next month everyone and we look forward to reading your applications!

Liberally Yours,

Shane and The Informers

Post April Fools edit: You can find all the information needed to apply for Informer, here.

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