Flavourful February

posted by on 2nd March 2013, at 8:00am

Hi everyone! It’s my second roundup in a row; this must be some sort of record! Let’s start off with the great articles our Informer team has written for us in the past month.

JasonC reviewed the goals of the Evolution of Combat, and evaluated the changes within. Next, Mason lamented the death of the wilderness skull, and wistfully recalled the glory of the past. Jasonmrc then discussed why it’s dangerous for experience and monteary gains to be easy, while Alex talked about how easy it is to get caught up in a game and to not let our lives get taken over easily by it. In gaming, Duke Juker pondered about what the next big thing will be, and how it will change the market as we know it!

Also this month, Arceus submitted a poignant story about two characters that is sure to wrench your heartstrings. Go check it out, and remember that If you wish to submit a guest article of your own, please do! We accept them at any time of the month,  and we’ll always look at every application. For more information about guest articles, click here!

For our Legacy article, we have chose MasteroftheVortex’s article all the way from September 2007, that’s 5 and a half years ago! In it, he discusses the next 10 years of computing, and it’s very relevant today! Hope you all enjoy it.

Onto the Strength Skill of the Month, we had a battle of two heavyweights! Jamandy52 pulled a very respectable 9.6M strength xp, but pulling ahead of him was Undoer, with 11.6M xp! Congratulations, Undoer! Here is your trophy/signature/banner/cool dragon thing:

Thanks to all of our competitors this month, and good luck to our contestants in the upcoming Summoning SkotM!

Safe travels, everyone, and we’ll see you here next month!

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