Jammin’ in January

posted by on 4th February 2013, at 1:27am

Hello everyone, I see we’ve made it past the first month of 2013! Let’s take a closer look at what happened.

From our handsome Informer writers comes a plethora of reading material for all to enjoy! Jason started off January by performing some CPR; just on what he performed it on, you’ll have to find out by reading! Meanwhile, JasonC reminds us all that organization is important! Truly, everything from Runescape banks to simple sentences become hard to understand when mixed up all things are! Alex shows how important the desert really is, and why there should be a new quest there. Please, Jagex, don’t desert the desert! Mason, our newest writer, delivered a stunning expose on trying to stop coffee addictions in Jagex Laying of the Java. Wait, he wasn’t actually talking about coffee – it must be Jagex’s rumoured switch to away from the Java language! But what could be the new one?!

In other news, Duke Juker reopened old wounds with a bullet of an article, discussing violence in video games. (I’m actually quite proud of that sentence!)  To close out the month, Shane discussed a topic very near and dear to everyone’s hearts: programming languages!

The second article in our “Legacy Informer Articles” series is none other than Shane’s 2010 article “What should a future operating system have?” With Windows 8 now released, and praise coming from some and criticism from others, it is still a very pertinent article to this day, and I think we will all continue to wonder: Who will get it right?

In the Woodcutting Skill of the Month, we had a huge lead gain by Morumska in the middle of the month, leading up to an astounding 6.21M xp gain! The race for the next spot was the battle of the Jasons – Jason with 4.31M xp narrowly beat out Jason B, who earned 4.22xp. Congratulations to all of our competitors!

Unfortunately for our Woodcutting champion Morumska, our elusive graphics designer has escaped on us, and it might take us a few weeks to bring him back to port. Fear not, once he returns, you will definitely get a SkotM signature for your viewing pleasure!

Have a great February everyone, and stay safe, from everyone at RSBandB!

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