Ducking out of December

posted by on 1st January 2013, at 8:39pm

We made it through 2012! And if you’re reading this, you did too! I’m going to share our December articles with you and highlight some impressive statistics for 2012.

We started off December with a list of daily activities in RuneScape that can benefit you greatly, over time it can be hard to keep up with these and as a result Jason gave us a rundown of which ones we should be focusing on. December also saw the release of a Grandmaster quest, The Brink of Extinction, Alex talked about whether or not this quest lived up to its Grandmaster category. In December Jagex also released the closest thing to the fictitious sailing skill possible, Player Owned Ports, meanwhile JasonC is already worried about the staying power Ports. And finally our newest writer, Mason (Lord Rickles), made his debut the premise that time spent in game should be the new definition of wealth. Duke Juker talked about his most loved and hated genre, the first person shooter. I threw every concept of a budget out the window and created the ultimate Christmas wish list.

RSBANDBInformer! has been running for years and we’ve accumulated quite the selection of articles. Starting this month we’re featuring an article from past years in each roundup in order to make sure that all of our content does not go to waste. Our first re-featured article comes from the very early days in June 2006 courtesy of Southrend, “Smithing, the forgotten skill“. Today in 2013, Smithing is still often overlooked by players due to its relative uselessness pertaining to actually making armour or making money, but there are still places for Smithing to have a role in the modern game.

The final Skill of The Month in 2012 was Construction. We saw an early lead taken by 1 Stone Pwn which held through most of the month. It wasn’t until the last few days of 2012 where JasonC caught up with him and captured the win. In the end JasonC won by about 246k experience. Third place was taken by Jsbrules2 with 2m experience gained.

Congratulations, here’s your trophy:

With it being the end of the year that means we also have to talk about SKOTY: Skiller of The Year. The SKOTY is the person who gains the most experience throughout the year in all competitions they entered. This year that honour goes to thelion777 with 21,171,094 experience gained! Second place rewarded to Pyrnassius with 20,005,880 experience gained. Well done all!

Before we head off into the unknown I’d like to remind you that we do accept guest articles. If you want to write something for us or just have an opinion you want to get out there you can send us a proposal by the 14th of the month. After we greenlight your idea you have until the 21st to deliver the article. You can find out more information about guest articles here.

Have a Happy New Year and all the best in 2013!


Shane, King Kulla, and everyone’s favorite psuedo-band, Earth and the Informers

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