I hope last month wasn’t too spooky…

posted by on 1st November 2012, at 6:59pm

It was October after all and that means Halloween! As we move into November and the colours of autumn turn to brown or… white in my case I hope you made it through halloween without getting too scared. While you munch on those leftover candies I’ll give you a review of just what wrote about in October, it’s not scary at all!

We opened up the month with Jason’s part 2 of 15 Reasons Not to do a Quest in RuneScape. From simple to complex you’ll get a kick out of some potential reasons that players may use to get out of doing a quest. October saw RuneScapers partake in a surprise Bonus XP Weekend, JasonC offered some tips on how to efficiently spend your time on Bonus XP Weekend. With Bonus XP Weekend gone for now we can still keep this article in the archives for any future Bonus XP Weekends ;). Finally, Alex closed up our RuneScape section with a discussion on the current experience rates in RuneScape and how they just might be too fast.

It is election season in the United States and as a result we’ve got two pieces on various election topics. The first is an opinion piece in which I discuss why Romney Deserves a Chance. The second is an analysis of just why you should vote if you are American and are over the age 18.

The October Skill of the Month is interesting to put it lightly. Bonus XP weekend brought us an impressive lead change. The lead change put Bryan B in first place with 5.7 million experience gained. Rounding out the top three were FishFish with 4.2 million experience gained and our own JasonC with 3.9 million experience.

Congratulations Bryan B, here’s your trophy!

October 2012 SKOTM Trophy

If you’re reading this on November 1st you have roughly one day to send in your Informer application. After tomorrow we’ll gather up all of the applications and go through them with a fine toothed comb. Expect to hear from us sometime over the next 7-10 days if you applied.

See you all next month!

P.S. Earth is the best editor EVER!

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