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posted by on 2nd July 2012, at 4:19pm

It’s time for another roundup of the past months Informer articles. Before I begin though I’d like to remind everyone that we have a process for submitting your own work to be published on RSBANDBInformer! You can find that process here.

Our first article of the month was entitled “Why You Should Train Combat With Slayer” or in other words, why is Slayer good for you? Once again coming to the defence of the Squeal Alex gives us 7 reasons why you should buy spins. Next up Tim hit on a point of what exactly about RuneScape makes it addictive. I discussed the new user interface elements that came along with the combat beta and made a few suggestions that would improve user experience. Finally, Jason shared a story regarding the state of the RuneScape community and how some of the people that play are just plain ignorant.

This month our gamers discussed game economics and the reality of internet connectivity in relation to gaming.

For our June Skill of The Month players competed against each other in order to gain the most Summoning experience. 1 Stone Pwn took an early win with roughly 3 million experience gained. Second place was taken by Jason with 2.2 million experience and third by Halodude108.

Congratulations 1 Stone Pwn, here’s your trophy:

June 2012 SKOTM Trophy

See you next month!

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