Hello June

posted by on 1st June 2012, at 5:52pm

Hello and welcome to a new month, June!

We opened up the month with an article detailing our Skill of The Month competition and some tips for being successful courtesy of Tim. After that we took a turn and Alex examined just why people cheat at the game of RuneScape. JasonC asks if RuneScape is becoming too easy just what may be causing that perception. Finally we ended the month with a guest article from Trekkie regarding the changes Runespan has brought about.

This month we had two gaming related articles. First up was The Final Frontier of Gaming which isn’t exactly what we think it is, courtesy of Duke Juker. Our second gaming article covers Diablo 3, one of the most anticipated games of the year, written by Jason.

The Dungeoneering Skill of The Month has wrapped up. MetalManiac9 took the win with 7.6 million experience gained.

Here is your trophy:

May 2012 SKOTM Trophy

Allta took second place with roughly 4.8 million experience gained and 1 Stone Pwn took third with almost 2 million experience gained.

Good job all!

With that being said, see you next month :).

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