Starting Off February

posted by on 1st February 2012, at 11:25pm

Hello once again and welcome to another thrilling RSBANDBInformer! roundup. We’re 1/12th of the way through 2012 and in this first month an over-reaching trend was for us to look at what may change in RuneScape for 2012.

Our first article for 2012 involved Alex requesting a CUP, “Construction Update Please.” Construction is over 5 years old, is it time for an update? Next up came the question, even though RuneScape is marketed as free, how much of it is actually free? Finally, is RuneScape changing too fast? Tim ponders if the updates being released by Jagex causing other issues to fly under the radar?

We also have some interesting gaming and tech articles including sequels, board games, and user interfaces! In gaming 2012 is going to be the year of the sequel. Also, board games, they do still hold a place in today’s gaming space. Finally, the benefits of a pure interface can not be understated.

The January Slayer Skill of The Month was won by Sorensen57. He gained a whopping 4,442,805 experience! Congratulations.

1 Stone Pwn took second with 1,818,921 experience, and third place went to Jmycenae with 1,697,397 experience. Good job to you all.

As a final note the RSBANDBUpdate! crew would like you to do their winter survey if you’re willing. The survey will be used to help narrow the focus of what the listener base is interested in.

See you next month!

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