Hello 2012 and Goodbye 2011!

posted by on 1st January 2012, at 9:17pm

I hope your 2011 was somewhat less chaotic than mine was. So many changes, so many twists, so many turns, I hope 2012 will be a little bit quieter. I’m going to start off that trend with this little roundup for December 2011.

We began our RuneScape coverage in December with an article from Alex detailing the Loyalty Programme as a whole as well as the new rewards released in December. Since 2011 was coming to an end it made sense to take a look at the RuneScape highlights of 2011 in less than 2,011 words which is what Jason did! Then came Christmas, the Christmas break, lots of free time; what a better time to do three quests Tim suggests. Finally we wrapped the year up with a guest article from Uncle Dano discussing his favourite update of the year, the Bot Nuke which subsequently led to the Redemption of RuneScape.

Our other articles for the month consisted of a discussion of digital distribution and how it has changed gaming marketplace. Our second gaming article written by Brimmk discusses the Spike TV Video Game Awards and the negative image they project onto the gaming industry. Finally our gaming and tech articles were wrapped up with a discussion of the current state of the social network space.

In the final Skill of The Month of 2011 Allta gained 7,079,769 Smithing experience. Well done!

With it being the end of the year we can’t forget Skiller Of The Year. Skiller Of The Year is awarded to the member who gained the most experience in all 2011 Skill of The Month competitions. That means the winner for 2011 is: thelion777. He gained a grand total of 46,389,023 experience through all signed up competitions, second place is awarded to Priss with 24,424,196 experience, and third goes to Ataronchronon at 19,465,990 experience.

2012 is afoot and we’ll be back with our usual stream of articles later this week!

Have a good year,

Shane, King Kulla, Earth, and the rest of the Informer Staff.

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