October: Not So Scary

posted by on 3rd November 2011, at 4:27am

Here in the northern hemisphere it’s starting to become crisp, Halloween happened, and that of course means RuneFest also took place. Look for a special RuneFest Debrief episode of RSBANDBUpdate! this week. This brings us to the first article of the month, RuneFest Should Have It’s Own Babbling Brook¬†written by Asa discussing options for participating in RuneFest without being there. For those that completed Nomad’s Requiem will know that there was some question as to whether or not he was dead, Alex shares some thoughts about how he may return. Are heroes needed in RuneScape? That’s the question that Jason asked you all in relation to RuneScape quests and lore. Finally Tim wrapped up his Dungeoneering Time series with part 10 this month covering the last of the bosses you may see in Daemonheim, with that being said he’s open to adding more should another expansion happen ;).

Have old games you no longer need or maybe you want to buy some games at a reduced cost? Daniel has some ideas as to what you can do with them in his article, The State of the Traded Games Market. I had initially planned to have a very interesting article for you on the process of creating a new piece of software but as can happen with the software development process, delays cropped up. I promise November will bring a chronicle of the creation of one of RSBandB’s upcoming features and an actual release of this new feature. As of writing this I am currently in the process of just finishing up the user interface which places the project at relatively 40% complete. More in the coming weeks, I promise.

October’s Prayer Skill of The Month was won by Priss. She gained an astounding 10,958,469 experience. Congratulations!

Second place was Addiv with 9.4 million experience and third place was Sxe Ketchup with 5.9 million experience. Well done all.

I’d also like to remind you that we do a monthly guest article feature. If you have an opinion on something this is your chance to get it out to a wider audience. You can find out how to send us a guest article here. We look forward to seeing your submission.

Have a good month!

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