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posted by on 2nd October 2011, at 4:18pm

This month on Informer we’ve traversed a variety of topics, more than our usual amount. The month started up with Duke Juker’s first article discussing if the experiences in gaming can replace those of real life. His second article this month discussed girls in gaming, specifically how females are rarely used in leading roles. Once again Tim brings us some Dungeoneering bosses, the last of the Occult floor bosses. Grinding is a central aspect to RuneScape but is the game sustainable with it? Brimmk attempts to answer that in Is Grinding Good?┬áThis month both Jason and Alex discussed the state of the game regarding to bots and real world trading. Jason profiled some random events and highlighted why they don’t work anymore. Alex discussed real world trading and one way in which Jagex may combat the problem. The tech article for the month covered troubleshooting tactics, how to troubleshoot and how to get help when you need it. Trekkie wrote us our guest article for the month which covers healthcare, a domain close to Trekkie.

Congratulations to thelion777 for winning the September Fletching Skill of The Month! He gained 20 million experience exactly, well done. Here’s your trophy:

Second place was taken by Joegismoe with 11.5 million experience and third place was taken by Mastaopain1 with 7.8 million experience gained. You can spectate the Prayer Skill of The Month here.

Oh and thank you to everyone for making our new discussion system a success, really worked out well.

Shane and Kulla.

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