Don’t July to Me Ever!

posted by on 5th July 2011, at 2:31pm

Hello Everyone! What with the new Runewire release and everything else, it’s been a very busy month at Rsbandb! We’ve had lots of fun events, great articles, and a very productive Defence Skill of the Month, with almost 36M total XP gained!

In Informer, Brimmk started off the month instructing us on how to beat botters. Alex returned from vacation, and wrote a very appropriate article on Getting Back Into It! Shane tech article went over Ubuntu 11.04 and Linux, and Tim reviewed the Duke Nukem Forever Demo. Ever wondered what Jagex has been thinking with all of their crazy expansions? You aren’t the only one, Jason has comprehensively researched how they’re Toiling with Trouble! Meanwhile, Shwa’s article went over the possibility of mounts in RuneScape, and whether Jagex would ever implement them into the game.

This month’s guest article featured Addiv, and he mused over motivation to play Runescape, and how to help keep yourself interested in the game! If you would like to send in a guest article of your very own, it’s very simple! Just have a look at this helpful page to get started.

This month we say farewell to ChrisT and Shwa who have decided to leave Informer. We thank them for their many enjoyable and high quality articles, and wish them well in their future endeavours.

In June’s Defense SKOTM, Priss won with over 9.7M xp gained! There was a race for 2nd, which James narrowly won over RRman100. Congratulations everyone for getting XP this month, and a virtual round of applause to Priss for winning this month’s SKOTM! Here is your trophy:

Have a great month everyone!

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