Hey June!

posted by on 4th June 2011, at 12:49pm

It’s time for June, and that means we get to take a look at all the great articles and events of the past month at RSBandB!

Shwa started us off by musing about Summertime in Runescape, and what exactly we could look forward to in the sunny months ahead. Tim took a glance at three of the bosses on the Furnished Floors: Rammernaut, Stomp, and Har’Lakk the Riftsplitter, covered in part six of Dungeoneering time! Alex departed on vacation, but not before he offered wise words about planning ahead for your trip away from your Runescape fix. Meanwhile Jason pondered the neverchanging seasons and weather in Runescape, asking whether or not weather changes would be a good thing to add to the game. Chris marvelled over the Clan Wars Arena, and how it’s a great alternative for clans and pvpers everywhere. This month in tech, Shane described the merits of an Online Identity, and why we should centralize our profiles. Finally, Yakhunta sent in a fabulous guest article on the lack of online community and why players are tending to become antisocial loners rather than kindred spirits for each other. If YOU would like to send in a guest article, just give it a try! Look at this helpful page to get started.

The May Herblore Skill of the Month was hadily won by Bryan B with 3.1 million experience gained. Second place went to the very consistent Rodsay with 2.5 million experience gained while Addiv finished in third with 2.3 million experience.

Congratulations to all competitors, and congratulations to Bryan B for winning this month! Here is your well earned trophy:

That’s all from Rsbandb this month! Have a pleasant start to your summer!

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