No Need for a Mayday Call

posted by on 5th May 2011, at 8:18pm

May is here and so is this roundup. It’s a little late due to a combination of reasons including sickness, internet outages, and democracy that have handicapped Mr. Kulla and myself from getting this out on time. Without further ado let’s take a look at our articles from April.

Alex kicked April off with an article analyzing Jagex’s recent updates which have been long awaited by the player base. Are they good intentions or could they have been implemented with changes to existing features? One of the features mentioned in Alex’s article, Clan Camp was explained and measured up by Asa. You should all know by now that Dungeoneering Time is done by Tim, in this installment he discusses the Abandoned foor bosses. The wilderness has been back for 2+ months, the summer is coming, that means it’s a good time to learn how to make money with staking. Bored while playing RuneScape? Try a micro-community, Jason will tell you what they are and how to get involved in communities that mean something to you. Our final article courtesy of Shwa talks about petty crime in RuneScape due to the return of free trade. Our tech article of the month talks about maximizing your screen real estate, either with physical screens or virtual desktops.

The April Magic Skill of the Month was won by thelion777 with 10.5 million experience gained. Second place went to Zilla with 6.4 million experience gained while newhero took third with 6.1 million experience.

Here is your trophy:

In closing this month I’d like to say congratulations to Warren for winning our easter egg hunt this past weekend.

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