February 2011 – We Survived The Wilderness

posted by on 1st March 2011, at 11:35pm

February saw the return of the old wilderness and free trade in RuneScape. Continuing from January a couple of our articles covered this return. First up Shwa wrote about just how important in game businesses are now that one can work freely in the economy. With the return of free trade other aspects of the game changed as well, one of those aspects was staking. Chris, our PvP writer, showed The Ways of the Staker at the duel arena. Later this month we resumed with an overview of Distractions and Diversions and which are worth the time in Distracting the Diverted courtesy of Brimmk. Tim chimed in with his third Dungeoneering Time article covering the last three bosses and some specific frozen floor monsters. Our gaming article this month was once again to do with the Gaming IndusTree and how games and mass media affect one another. Our tech article provided an alternate perspective on gaming consoles and the problems they cause. Finally, Kenny wrote a guest article for us on Biffy Clyro, a Scottish rock band that he went to see in concert.

Our Skill of the Month for February was Agility and a grand total of 30,643,431 experience was gained. With this Ataronchronon took the win with 19,465,990 experience gained in the month.

Here is your trophy, congratulations!
February SKOTM Trophy

Second place was taken by RSgamer with 2.7 million experience, and Minas 199307 took third with 2.1 million experience gained.

The Skill of the Month for March is Summoning. You can find the details for this month here.

Thank you all, have a good month!

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