December’s Race to the Finish

posted by on 2nd January 2011, at 2:29am

Happy New Year everyone! To finish off the month, our writers were busy little beavers inscribing great articles for us to enjoy.

First off in Runescape, Shwa pondered the peculiar point of pets.  Alex wrote his penultimate article of his mega series about Roleplaying in Runescape: Worlds and Environments. Brimmk showed us some fascinating Runescape history and lore in the first of a multipart series, and Jason took a detailed look at the major updates of Runescape in 2010 and reflected on the resulting impact. In the world of PVP, Chris finished up his series on using brawlers effectively.

In other areas, Shane wrote an article detailing great holiday gifts under $100. Mike, in his spectacular Informer debut, did the counterpart article about more expensive gifts over $100. For our guest article, Peterreaper wrote about Call of Duty: Black Ops and looking at all the new features that Activision and Treyarch have brought to the Call of Duty series. For information on how to submit your own guest article, click here.

In December’s farming SKOTM, observers and competitors alike had great fun with the close races going on during the month. Our favourite site owner with a name that starts with “S” kept up a consistent pace throughout the month, climbing past Chief and Bryan after the first week, but Bryan and Earth kept us entertained with a very close race for second. Unfortunately there are no prizes for second, but for gaining 46k more than Bryan, Earth receives a virtual bro hug from yours truly. Bryan will receive a consolation virtual fist bump.

Congratulations to Shane for winning the December skill of the month. Here is your trophy:

Thanks to all of our participants this month.

After 12 great skills of the months, we also have a winner for skill of the year: congratulations to Jrdgames! Tim came in second, and Flash came in third.

And finally, there were also some great Rsbandb events on this month. Competition winners include Bonsai 99 for Sq’irk Hunting, and Bryan won the Scavenger Hunt. Thanks to everyone that participates in Rsbandb events!

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