DungeoNovemberneering Review

posted by on 1st December 2010, at 11:18pm

Hey guys,

What a month November was! Lots of great articles were written, as well as great events transpiring and a thrilling SKOTM where all participants gained a total of almost 125 million cooking xp!

For Informer, our writers appeared to be in the mood for dungeoneering! Shwa kicked off the month with his new article talking about the changing industry of community building, and next, Tim wrote about the new Warped Floors in Dungeoneering. Alex continued his series on RPGing in Runescape with an article on disposable characters, while Jason gave us all tips on how to survive in the Living Rock Caverns. Continuing the Dungeoneering theme, Brimmk delved into the lore of the Dungeoneering journals.

For our guest article, Papero Hawt wrote a piece on Dungeoneering and what could be done to improve the skill.

In technology and gaming, we were saddened to see Paul depart Informer, but we thank him for his years of great tech articles. To pick up the slack, Shane accomplished the daunting task of writing two articles this month. His first article was about Censoring in the Gaming Industry, with a focus on the new Medal of Honor game. His second article was about Intel’s new CPU chips, and a brief history of Intel’s progress so far. In other gaming news, I am very proud to say that I have finally produced my very own article for Informer! It is a rundown of the year 1995, my personal year of gaming, and what happened in that year to change the industry so profoundly.

In the November Cooking SKOTM, Jrdgames won the competition with a whopping 46.5 million experience accumulated! In second place, Flash accrued 25,575,367 experience, while Mli in third came up with 23,503,829 experience. Congratulations to Jrdgames and all of our other competitors!

Jrdgames, here is your trophy:

Jrdgames November 2010 SKOTM Win

Everyone can follow the new December Farming SKOTM here.

That’s all for this month. Have a safe and happy December!

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