July RSBANDBInformer!

posted by on 1st August 2010, at 8:44pm

Our first RuneScape themed artile this month was Top 10 All Time Quests… Part 1 in which Tim lists quests that a player should do as soon as possible. Next up was an article on just how PvP Hybrids work. Following this Laex discussed Holiday Items and why they are held in such high regard. Jason headed back to an old classic What’cha Wearing? to update it for new items Jagex has added to the game. In Marco’s article he discussed some Grand Exchange tips for when the next Double XP weekend comes around. Finally, Kirby talked about some of his wasted time in Runescape.

This month in tech Paul finished his series on keeping your laptop cool for the summer months. I talked about what an operating system is and how important it is. Directxfire wrote an article on the choices we make in games and how we come to those choices. Mr Pink wrote an article on the gaming industry and what it has become.

In the Ranged Skill of The Month Warren blew away the competition with a grand 6,227,283 experience gained. In all 12,174,978 experience was gaind by all competitors. Warren, here’s your trophy:

With August starting there are still more than half of the RSBandB Birthday Events to come. You can find info about all of our birthday events here.

Finally, we’d like to remind everyone that we are running our Informer Q&A again. You can find all of the necessary info and post questions in this topic.

That’s all for this month.

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