April: The Month of Entertainment

posted by on 1st May 2010, at 4:52pm

Hello, everyone.

This month Runescape saw the release of Dungeoneering, the new skill that everyone had been anticipating. Other major updates included: Fish Flingers (a Fishing Distraction and Diversion) and the Easter 2010 holiday event. Some of our other Runescape articles included articles on Fairy Rings, Hunter Training, and learning how to use the Grand Exchange successfully. For our tech articles this month we have another Remote Assistance article and some general pointers to start programming. You can find all of our April articles here.

Moving on to more general RSBandB news, I would like to bring to your attention the upcoming medal system. A medal system would be used to give out medals to forum members for various accomplishments. The medal system has been approved and is currently in the planning stages. We are currently looking for medal suggestions. These suggestions should include the name of the medal and what you have to do to earn it. Please try and be descriptive when coming up with ideas. Your ideas can be posted in this forum topic.

I would also like to bring your attention to SOTW (Signature of The Week) and it’s current state. We are looking for ideas about what can help SOTW thrive once again. You can find that topic here.

It’s that time of the month, event time! You can head on over to the Official Events and find May’s events. The events include Dungeoneering, The RSBandB Way, Spring-Time Pest Control, and RSBandB’s Catchy The Fishy. These events will all take place next weekend (May 7-9). We look forward to seeing you there!

In further Events Crew related news, the Dungeoneering Skill of The Month (SKOTM) is underway. This of course means that a previous SKOTM has wrapped up. That SKOTM for April was Firemaking. Tim won with 9,480,672 experience gained. Overall 22,775,290 experience was gained by all competitors. Congratulations Tim, here is your trophy:

Last but not least, join me in welcoming Mr Pink and Directxfire to the Informer team as our new Gaming Specialists. Welcome!

That’s all for April.

PS: The April Fooled rank has been removed from the forums as it is no longer April.

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