One Twelfth Complete and Some Change

posted by on 1st February 2010, at 8:46pm

The start of February means 2010 is one-twelfth complete! January was a big month for us on RSBandB but we’ll get to that later, first up your Runescape articles for January written by our intrepid writers.

January was kicked off with Tim’s article, Miscellaneous Magic Training, following from December’s Magic Skill of The Month. The first Runescape update of 2010 brought us the second Runescape Grandmaster quest entitled “Nomad’s Requiem” which was covered by Alex. The next Runescape update encompassed an update to Barbarian Assault and integrating Agility into a few skills. Other Runescape articles were “A New Nation,” by Kirby, which delved into possible theories about the much anticipated elf land expansion. Jason brought us a review of ten useful Summoning familiars. Finally, we have Marco’s economy article which covered Junk Trading and Chris’ article which took a look at the age old favourite PvP minigame: Castle Wars.

This month Kenny made a swap from Gaming to Music. The music articles will come out weekly and feature a discussion and/or review of an album or past concert. The first review covers “This is War” by 30 Seconds to Mars. This month in gaming and tech, Ryan reviewed Assassins Creed II and I discussed starting off the new year right with a concrete backup plan.

The January Cooking Skill of The Month ended with 91,881,240 experience gained. This resulted in Jrdgames taking the win with 31 million experience gained. Congratulations! Here’s your trophy:

Other competition winners in January include: Reventon42 (Fight Pits), J Blighted (SKOT½H), Jsbrules (SKOT½H), and Jasonmrc (Scavenger Hunt).

These competition winners won various events held by prospective community members eying to become Events Crew staff. With this being said we’re proud to announce that Tim and Owen were the successful applicants. Good job to everyone who submitted their application by running their event.

We would also like to welcome Fr0styb0w onboard as a new Gaming writer. Look for Fr0sty’s article later this month.

Finally it’s with mixed emotions that we move forward into a new era at RSBandB with the departures of Brad and Jeff. Brad has been my co-host on RSBANDBUpdate! for the better part of 200 episodes so it’s certainly an understatement to assume that Brad’s departure will be a low key affair. Jeff has been instrumental around RSBandB with his initial work on the RuneWire project (he implemented the design). Of course it wouldn’t be right to forget all the work that both Brad and Jeff have done in various administration tasks throughout RSBandB. They will be both greatly missed and we wish them well!

Finally we would like you to take this small survey for us to tell us which direction you would like us to take RSBANDBInformer! in general. More specific surveys for RS General, Economy, PvP, Tech, and Gaming will be coming next month.

Now go train Crafting!

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