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posted by on 1st January 2010, at 4:03pm

Happy New Year!

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves planning for 2010, let’s take a look at what December brought us.

December was kicked off on Runescape with “The Temple at Senntisten,” a Digsite story line quest covered by Tim. On a related note Alex wrote an articled entitled, “The Mysteries of the Mahjarrat.” The second quest of the month, covered by Alex, was “Blood Runs Deep,” a continuation of the Freminnik story line. Some of the articles this month were focused on looking back at 2009. Jason’s articles are called “Looking Back at The Old Year” part 1 and part 2. Kirby also had a look back at the BTS 2009 posted at this time last year and compared it with what 2009 brought. Tim’s year end review was a review of the quests of 2009. Finally our PvP and Economy specialists have their year end reviews, “An Interesting Year for PvP” and “The State of the Game – Economy – 2009.” In tech, Paul and I provided you with some expensive and not so expensive gift ideas.

The December Magic Skill of The Month was won by our very own Chris (ChrisT) with 10,059,943 experience gained. Here is your trophy:
December 2009 SKOTM Trophy

Overall 47,190,644 experience was gained in the month of December. With the new year upon us that means that we also have to tally up all the experience gained and find out who gained the most experience this year (otherwise known as SKOTY).

Let’s start with some facts of 2009:

  • Overal 370,815,669 experience was gained.
  • The average experience per person over the year was 1,113,561 (rounded).
  • Tim (Mli 699) gained the most experience in a single month. July 2009, Fletching, he gained 14,701,535 experience.

The person with the most experience gained in 2009 SKOTM’s and the SKOTY winner is: Mli 699. Over the entire year he gained 34,140,176 experience. You can find your total 2009 SKOTM experience tally here (middle column is forumID).

Before we move on to start 2010 I have a few other notes to pass along. Both Informer and the Events Crew will be hiring in January, watch the forums for the relevant topics. We have moved our clan chat channel to the username BitsBytes, you can find more info about chat here. Jason, JRDGames, and Riceay13 have become chat mods as well, congratulations to them! We also have a nice little surprise on the way for everyone.

Without spoiling the surprise, 2009’s been a blast and we thank you all for the support in 2009.

Happy New Year!

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