A Quiet November

posted by on 1st December 2009, at 4:29pm

November was kicked off with Alex looking at the variety of changes that occured in his Runescape career. Marco gave us a rundown of one of the major changes to Runescape, The Grand Exchange. Jason further expanded his equipment series highlighting items that give a good attack, range, or mage bonus. Finally, Alex and Kirby both give their perspectives on Runescape Classic.

November was fairly quiet with respect to high profile updates. The most shocking of these would have to be the changes made to the Runecrafting skill, which you can read about in Davo’s guest article. Along with this update came tweaks to the high level Herblore potions and the “Surge” Magic spells, which were covered by Chris. November was wrapped up with the Thanksgiving 2009 “Cryptic Clue Fest” covered by Tim. With this being said Marco has added on a new weekly Economy article covering economy highlights of the week, this is usually released Friday.

In tech I wrote about the Apple Tax, it does exist, the question is if you can justify paying it. Kenny covered the release of the hyped and somewhat shunned (on the PC at least) Modern Warfare 2.

The November Skill of The Month was tied by Ataronchronon and Italy4life. They both gained 7,150,000 experience in this Woodcutting SKOTM. Congratulations to you both, here are your trophies:

Italy4life November 2009 SKOTM

Ataronchronon November 2009 SKOTM

You can observe December’s Magic SKOTM while you wait to sign up for January 😉

That’s all for November 🙂

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