Economic Headlines- 7 December 2009

posted by on 7th December 2009, at 12:18pm

As the Holiday season begins, people are running all over for Holiday preparations, this week is one of the busiest all year. Jagex planned the release for a new store, probably to put forth their new items for the Holiday season. Our game continues on its winding path, with surprises each and every week.

In major price rises this week, Ranarr Seeds increased 12k to 52k after sitting at 40k each over the last month.

The Berserker necklace increased 671k this week, and leveled out by the weekend at just under 3.2m.

In price drops, the Ranger boots and Robin Hood hat dropped after hitting an all time high in price over the last few months. The Robin Hood hat dropped 1m from 4.9m to 3.9m. Ranger boots dropped 4.4m from 17.7m to 13.3m.

Ranger Boots Graph

Robin Hood Hat Graph

Other Price Drops and Rises

Dragon Bones increased 1.2k from 3.8k to 5k

Hand Cannon increased 98.1k from 250k to 348k

Dragon Pickaxe dropped 1.9m from 17.1m to 15.2m

Archers’ Ring dropped 222k from 1.6m to 1.4m

That is all for this week. Any questions or suggestions please leave a comment or send me a PM on the forums.

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