October 2009 – A Not So Spooky Month

posted by on 1st November 2009, at 4:47pm

Jagex kicked off October with the Display Name system (Alex). Which was later followed by the highly controversial High Level Herblore update (Shwa). We were greeted with two Ardougne centred articles, the Achievement Diary (Jason) and Within The Light (Mli), part 8 of the Plague series. Finally of course we have the Halloween update (Alex). We also welcomed Marco as our Economy Specialist with his Planning for Projects article. Chris also joined us as our PvP Specialist with a discussion of PvP Statuettes. You can find the rest of our Runescape themed articles here.

In tech Paul and I covered Microsoft Security Esstentials and Basic Hardware Architecture. Ryan went back to one of his favourite series, Gears of War.

Southrend won the Smithing Skill of The Month with 5.7M experience gained. In all 14,885,071 experience was gained by all of the competitors.

Congratulations Southrend, here is your trophy:
October SKOTM Trophy

I’d like to also remind everyone who is competing in the November SKOTM that if you change your name during the month of November, your experience will no longer be tracked.

With that said we’ll see you guys once the holiday season has begun!

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