Economic Headlines- 27th November 2009

posted by on 29th November 2009, at 3:09pm

As the month of November slowly comes to the end, the economy in Runescape is having its usual twists and turns. The merch clans have started to go after a group of items that most of us never use, low level seeds. The clans have started to take seeds such as Nasturtium, Redberry, Tarromin (graph below), and Guam. For those of us who kept all those junk seeds from our kingdoms, this may be a good time to sell these seeds for a descent profit.

Snapshot 2009-11-29 16-52-24

The Karil’s Leatherskirt was dropped by merch clans after it hit 1.3m, dropping the other parts of the set with it.

Snapshot 2009-11-29 16-52-40

Other Price Drops and Rises

Torag’s Helm dropped 377k to 991k

Snapdragon Seed dropped 9k to 81k

Hand Cannon rose 69k to 238k

Dragon Pikaxe rose 3m to 17.6m

Sorry it is a bit late and short, I had a family emergency shortly after the holiday.

That is all for this week. Any questions or suggestions please send me a PM on the forums or post a comment below.

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