September 2009

posted by on 2nd October 2009, at 2:49pm

This past month we had a rather condensed month on Informer. September started off with a wrap up in my Windows 7 and Snow Leopard series. Next up was a look at the upcoming Call of Duty game Modern Warfare 2 or Modern Warfare Déjà Vu. Runescape brought us the next quest in the Chaos Dwarf series "Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf" which also released the Dragon Pickaxe. The second content update to Runescape this month was the Advisors and Objectives system. Jagex also updated the game engine to RuneTek 5. Also this month Jason ventured into the realm of what the lives of a Kharidian Soldier or Gnome Archer would be like on the Khazard Battlefield. Alex offered some discussion on what the future of Runescape could hold in the coming months. Tim gave some insight on how to be a Barbarian Assault Healer with his article. Finally Kirby decided to classify Runescape into 4 Trials: Skills, Quests, Achievement Diaries, and Multiplayer.

We also welcome Marco and ChrisT respectively as our Economy and PvP Specialists. You can expect to see their work appearing later this month. I’ve discussed their positions with both of them and they both have some great ideas for topics to cover in their areas. You are all in for a treat.

The Fishing SKOTM was won by Ataronchronon with  5.3 million experience gained.

Here is your trophy:

September SKOTM Trophy

Second was Phresh Phob with 2.5 million and third was wargutz70 with 1.5 million. Overall a grand total of 22,345,001 experience was gained. You can track the new Smithing SKOTM here.

With Jagex’s release of the Display Name system I would like to draw everyone’s attention to this post. The post explains the process if you are signed up for the October SKOTM or you are a community highscores user and you have changed your Runescape Display Name recently.

In closing I’d like to point you to our community events which happen weekly. Four of five (PC Gaming, Big Xbox Bonanza. Minigames Galore, and Boss Takedown) are currently decided based on community vote. Feel free to vote as your vote influences which game is played and ultimately players’ choice makes for a better event.

That’s all for September.

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