2008 is Done

posted by on 1st January 2009, at 5:48pm

With 2008 behind us it’s time to take a look at December. The primary updates of December on RuneScape were the achievement diaries and holiday event. We also had a great selection of RuneScape articles ranging from reminiscing on old holiday events to looking back at 2008 on RuneScape. You can find the rest of December’s articles here.

This month PhoenixEmpire took his 2nd SOTM win:

Here is your trophy:

This month RSGamer won the Slayer SKOTM with a grand total of 1,828,673xp. Here is your trophy:
December 2008 SKOTM Trophy

Xbladez also gained the most XP out of any competitor in all of the 2008 SKOTM competitions he entered. He gained a grand total of 15,965,884xp.

Thanks and onwards to 2009,
Shane, Brad, and the Informer Staff.

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