Sleepy November

posted by on 1st December 2008, at 6:27pm

November was certainly low key on RuneScape, so we responded by taking a low key month on Informer. We had originally intended to pump out multiple gaming articles but in some demonstration of freak nature BOTH Ryan and Total Plox were taken out of commission, Ryan with a computer failure and Total Plox with an Xbox failure. On that note we have a review of Fable 2. On the Tech front I had a look at what we can throw into a Budget PC just in case your PC does decide to head to the graveyard. On the more nixy side of things Paul took a look at Wubi (Windows Ubuntu Installer). We also had articles on While Guthix Sleeps and RuneScape Turkies. You can find the rest of November’s articles here.

This month Kimpen claimed his second SOTM win with this signature:

Here is your trophy:

Marking22 won this months SKOTM by gaining 6,426,937 Hitpoints XP. Here is your trophy:
SKOTM Trophy

That’s all for today.

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