Soloing the Corporeal Beast

posted by on 3rd November 2008, at 9:03pm

Since the days of Classic, monster combat in RuneScape has changed a lot. The King Black Dragon used to be a feared creature, one that took several players to kill. The Kalphite Queen was the strongest, a monster many adventurers bravely took on for a chance at a dragon chainbody. Now, both of those monsters can be killed by one player somewhat easily.

The next fearsome beast to hit the RuneScape world was the level 702 TzTok-Jad. Part of the challenge in fighting it is that you don’t just fight the “boss” (like you do with the KBD), you have to progress through the other monsters in the cave as well. Because of the way the Fight Caves work, soloing the TzTok-Jad is the only way to fight it. That is why a Fire Cape is still a respectable achievement.

Right now, the strongest is the Corporeal Beast. It weighs in at a healthy level 785. If you’re planning to take on this heavy hitter now, it’s recommended to have a group of at least 10 other qualified adventurers with you. What if some day, even the Corporeal Beast will be a one person job?

There are some things to consider. The main reason that the KQ and KBD are no longer so scary is because Jagex has updated weapons and armor since their glory days. Dragon is no longer the strongest material. Fighting monsters is easier with barrows or gwd armor. Therefore, it becomes easier to kill high leveled monsters as better equipment is released.

However, as some players have experienced the hard way, the Corporeal Beast hits through armor. You could be wearing a bronze or a dragon chainbody, the monster doesn’t care. This prevents some of the update effects. It also absorbs Summoning creatures, preventing a new feature of combat from being used. Cannons are allowed in the lair of the Corporeal Beast, but unless Jagex releases some kind of Uber-Cannon, that isn’t an issue.

The Corporeal Beast definitely has a chance of being removed from the throne of “Strongest Baddie”, like the King Black Dragon, TzTok-Jad, and others before it. When will the monsters eventually overpower us and be so strong not even updates can help us defeat them?

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