An Expensive October

posted by on 1st November 2008, at 8:02pm

Well here we are once again another month has blown by. October was the month every avid pk’er was waiting for with the release of the PvP worlds, check out Alex’s article on this update. We’re also ramping up for the release of pretty much every game that will be coveted this holiday season. We’ll be covering the rest of these releases later this month once they are officially released. You can read Ryan’s article on the Call of Duty World at War beta as a bit of a preview of what to expect later this month. Also I should point out Shwa’s first article, which is a very interesting read. You can find the rest of October’s articles here.

This month Humus claimed his first SOTM win with this astounding signature:

Here is your trophy:

The Construction SKOTM was a nail biter until the bitter end, we all thought Warren had it in the bag but Rapidash (Bib User) made a last 6 hour push to pull ahead and win. There was over 11.2M xp gained which Warren estimates to have cost about 52.6M overall for all the participants put together.

October 2008 SKOTM

Shane, Brad, MQ and the Informer Staff

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