Here Comes October

posted by on 1st October 2008, at 4:56pm

So here we are in October, summer is well and truly dead, the nights are setting in. This month we have some awfully interesting articles for your reading pleasures. You can find them all here. I’ll highlight a few if you’re too lazy to go through that list. Shane has written a very informative article on Computer Science, Alex analyzes Summer’s End and Bluebrisingr shows off her first RS story. There are plenty of other intriguing articles this month though, so don’t forget to check them all out!

This month PhoenixEmpire claimed his first SOTM win with this signature:

Here is your trophy:

Also, Xbladez won the Thieving SKOTM with 3.72M xp gained. It was a close race with Mark in second with 3.62M xp. Here is your trophy:

Also, I’d like to welcome Shwa to the Informer as a P2P RS-writer. He’ll be starting up later this month.

Brad, Shane, MQ, and The Informer Staff

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