Ventures into P2P

posted by on 7th July 2008, at 8:20pm

Just recently I became a member, finally straying from my three and a half long years of being in the homely free-to-play world.  I was so enthralled (especially while playing it full screen, the sights were really something to see) that, as cheesy as it sounds, I was inspired to write this poem about my experiences and thoughts after my first hour as a member.  Maybe it’ll help you remember your experience back then as well.

Every other time had been dull.
Every other time had been a bore.
Every other time had been dreary,
yet this time would not be such a chore.

Stepping swiftly through silent lands
I made my way to the wall,
which encompassed the two thirds of the world
upon which I would now fall.

As I ran up the familiar road
which I had gone on many times before,
previously just to look and wonder
at what was behind that great closed door.

But now that was not the case,
as I finally reached the gate.
It stood before me, wide and open,
showing me a glimpse of what would await.

Taking a breath, I urged my character on
into a place my mind could barely render.
For at that moment, as I passed the gate,
I was officially a member.

I took in my surroundings slowly.
Everything looked amazing in full screen!
The high-def graphics enhanced this first day
about ten times more, it would seem.

As I looked around the alien place
I felt completely new again.
Since I knew not where I was
or what I can’t do or can.

The world map got pulled up
over and over many times,
as I slowly navigated myself
through many roads that looked like squiggly lines.

At last I found the Fishing Guild
which fortunately I could enter,
and there I stayed for awhile,
since I decided not getting lost would be better.

While I stood upon that dock
I felt like a newbie once more,
for all around were many people,
boasting nice armor and skill capes galore.

I continued to fish for lobsters
as I thought of all the things I could now do:
Slayer, fletching, hunter, farming,
and so many quests from which to choose!

Just one month seemed like such little time
to accomplish everything I wished I could.
As I was fishing I was already planning
how to get money for next month I should.

Unfortunately at that hour it was getting late,
so I unwillingly logged off for the night.
I hoped that tomorrow would come fast
so that I could go back on at first light.

Every other time had been dull.
Every other time had been a bore.
Every other time had been dreary,
yet this time I finally wished I could play more.

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