Summer’s Here

posted by on 1st July 2008, at 8:00pm

When I last talked to you we were still in Spring, it is now officially Summer (Winter in the southern hemisphere mind you). July was kicked off with a bang on Runescape today, but more on that later this week. You can see the articles that were written in June here.

June was a rather low key month on Runescape with only two updates. Both of these were quests. The first of these was “Smoking Kills” a short combat and Slayer based quest which brought a very large update to the Slayer skill, Anubis wrote about this quest. The second was a light-hearted pirate quest called “Rocking Out” which Alex wrote about. In other Runescape articles we also had a discussion with Postie Pete, an expansion of Cooking along with skills after level 99, and an intriguing article on the combat triangle.

In June Pfkninenines wrote his first article on his experiences with Vista in the first year he had been using. The second tech article was based on what an Xbox 360 made by Apple would be like. In gaming we had a review of a RPG for the Xbox 360, Lost Odyssey.

Once again we have another first time SOTM winner, Kimpen:

Here is your trophy:

This past month’s SKOTM was Magic, Shadow Master won with over 7M xp gained in Magic.
June Skotm

Finally i’d like to welcome Kelsey back to the crew as a Runescape writer.

That’s all for now,
Shane, Brad, MQ, and The Informer Staff.

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