A Look Back At May: The New Informer

posted by on 1st June 2008, at 11:27pm

It’s been an entire month since Informer started with a publishing schedule. It’s quite clear that this new system has yielded more articles that are spread out so they’re easier to read. Time to take a look back at May…

This month was full of Runescape updates containing two quests and a package of improvements. The first quest was Perils of Ice Mountain, Alex wrote on this quest which addresses the problems of global warming in Runescape. The second quest was TokTz-Ket-Dill this was a typical quest where you are asked to fix something and it requires a chain of other things to be done. Alex also wrote on this quest. Finally this month was the package of changes, find out if most of them were unneeded or just filler content in Bluebrisingr’s article.

This month we also saw Jagex release three previews for a graphical improvement project that has been underway for at least a year. In going with this theme Anubis created an article about the benefit that a higher detail version of Runescape can provide to players. We also have an article about how Runescape NPC’s aren’t that talkative, Jason had originally intended to get an interview with the new Party Pete but that was far from the outcome, take a read as to how this all transpired. Finally Alex has published “Manya’s Mayhem – Trying Something New #4.”

May saw the addition of bi-weekly gaming articles. This month we have two reviews. First being for “The Darkness” and second none other than “GTA: IV”. I’d like to personally thank Total Plox (Scott) and Ryan for working on both of these great articles.

May also marked the return of tech. Pfkninenines has joined us as a tech writer, welcome. I will be handling the Mac OS, Linux/Unix, and web side of tech while he will be handling the Windows side. Look for a new tech article every other Tuesday. I took the liberty of creating an article that analyzes the two newest “Get a Mac” ads and points out their lies, yes they do have lies.

You can find a full list of may articles here.

This month Flipvlug claimed his first SOTM win with this signature:

Here is your trophy:

This month also saw the closest SKOTM in SKOTM history. For the Smithing SKOTM it was an uphill battle for both Southrend and Rodsay. Both gained over 5.5M xp. Congrats to both for maintaining a competition all the way through the month. Southrend came ahead and won by 278k xp. Here is you trophy.

In closing I’d like to make a quick note to the RSBandB YouTube channel. This channel contains videos from all RSBandB members ranging from official events to 99 skill party events. Be sure to subscribe to get the latest videos.

That’s all for today,
Shane, Brad, MQ, and The Informer Staff.

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