Runescape Clans For Dummies

posted by on 31st March 2008, at 10:14pm

Are you looking for a clan and wondering what are some areas you should consider to decide if a clan is good or not? Or maybe you want to create your own unique clan and lead it on the road to victory. This guide is aimed to help you both find a good clan, create a good clan, and be a good clan leader, as there are many Runescape clans out there to choose from and many to rival.

Two types of Clans

Before you read any further, you should know about different types of clans and make your choice from there. There are three distinct categories of clans that I have been made aware to – Warring, Average, and Fun.


Warring clans are all about PvP. They will usually have higher combat level requirements (80-100+) and larger numbers in order to increase their chances of winning a war. They have little, if any other events other than clan wars, clan war practices, and Bounty Hunter.


Fun clans usually have no or lower combat level requirements (50-30-). The purpose of fun clans are to create a small community with a light environment. Their numbers are usually smaller and they have little, if any wars with other clans. Fun clans are created mostly to form a tight-knit group of people who get along.


Average clans are, well, average. They incorporate aspects of both Warring and Fun clans and are the most common clans of Runescape, with medium-high level combat requirements (60+) and a multitude of events. The most populated Runescape clans are usually Average clans.

Finding A Successful Clan

There are several aspects to consider when looking for a good clan, not just their minimum combat level requirement.


This is the big one. Most Runescape players will not enjoy being in a clan that has an event once a month. Check to see that the clan has at least weekly events and their forums are being posted on (the last post shouldn’t be a week ago). Otherwise, you’ll be stuck in a rather slow-paced clan life.

Type of Clan

As discussed above, check to see that the type of the clan is one you want to be in. If you do not want to be involved with a strictly PvP clan, then don’t go to a Warring clan. If you don’t want to meddle in events like Scavenger Hunts or Hide and Seek, don’t go to a Fun clan. Also, make sure the size of the clan is a size you want to be in. If you want more one-on-one activity, join a smaller clan. If you want more events, join a larger clan. The rest is self explanatory.


To put it simply, if the clan is uncoordinated, it won’t last very long. Make sure the clan has a good, stable, active staff that update information and make events. Also make sure that arguments don’t constantly spring up amongst members that don’t get resolved, as that will mean the staff are rather lax. Lastly, make sure the clan is not in the middle of a feud, as it would be bad to join and land right into a flood of drama.


As mentioned above in organization, make sure the leaders are capable of being leaders. If the clan has a leader that doesn’t know what the hell he/she is doing, that isn’t a sign of a good clan. Also, make sure the staff setup is okay. If 1/3 of the clan is part of the staff, then that would usually show that the staff are too easily picked and may not be completely reliable. A good clan usually only has several staff members and the majority of the clan (around 80-90%) are regular members.

So how do I find out all this information?

I know most clans are a little private, but most also have a Guest area for people to ask questions about the clan. This is the place where you can inquire and find out more about a clan before joining it. If the clan won’t let guests on their forums, then you can usually find their clan chat nickname around the forum (if not the forum, check their clan ad) and you can use their clan chat to ask around. It would be best if you could get information from the leaders themselves. After you find out as much about the clan as you can, then you can decide if you will join and not regret it.

Creating a Successful Clan

Perhaps none of the clans out there suits your needs. If that is the case, why not just make a clan of your own? However, don’t take this lightly, even if it is just an online game. Any sort of leadership responsibility should be taken seriously and maturely.

Starting Out

Before you actually start making forums and such, stop to think about how you want to set up your clan. Here are some questions to ask yourself:
-What type/size do you want it to be?
-What will the level requirement be or will there not be one?
-Will it be F2P/P2P only or both?
-How will the staff be set up and picked? What about the member groups?
-What events will there be? Which events will be weekly/biweekly/monthly/etc?
Organize the layout of the clan and create the base of it before proceeding onwards.


The next thing you should decide is if you want to start the clan by yourself or with a friend. If you have already planned this, then this is not a problem. Otherwise, you’ll have to make the decision. Clans have an average of two leaders, rarely more than three. If you want to start and lead the clan by yourself, you will have to proceed in very careful footsteps as to not make it seem like you are a sort of dictator. You will also have to be very active and go to most of the events, or else it will not give you a very good reputation. If you want to start with a partner, you will have to organize the work between both of you so that one doesn’t end up with the higher workload which may end up causing quarrel amongst leaders (and that would not end well).


After you have all the planning done, you can make your forums. Do not make your forums overly-elaborate and pick a skin that is easy to read. A three-column table in the forum header would also be a good idea for people to quick-reference staff, events, ways of communication, and allies. Also create an appealing clan banner, for even though people shouldn’t do it, most still judge a book by its cover.

How to be a Good Clan Leader

I have emphasized leadership a lot already and here I will emphasize it more. Leaders are the roots of the clan that hold it up and keep it sturdy. Leaders must also make their clan appeal to those looking for a clan (see above section). If the clan leaders are not steady, neither is the clan and it will fall. In order for this to not happen, here are some ideals to keep in your mind.

Never Be Biased

Arguments happen often in clans, whether it be amongst allies or enemies or members or staff. Most of the time it is the leader’s job to break these up. In order to do this well, you will have to be able to see both sides of the story and not just jump to the side you like more. Talk with both sides of the argument to try and make them see what the other side thinks; this is the most effective way to stop an argument. Try to stop arguments as soon as possible, but this does not mean closing topics or putting people on ignore. Never cut off an argument, as this will usually make one side offended that it didn’t get resolved. Try your hardest to make everyone happy.

Stay Active

This is the most important rule of being a successful leader. If you are not active as a leader, people will think you are lazy, and this will hurt your reputation. If you intend to be a good leader, you will have to make events, keep in touch with your clan/ally forums, bump clan ads, and attend events. Otherwise, people will not trust you as much and will begin to lose their faith in you. Remember – anything leaders do also affects the clan, and if leaders are inactive, the clan will eventually get inactive as well. If you have to go into a state of inactivity, give up your leadership role to someone else. Do not stay a leader just for the sake of the title if you’re not going to prove that you deserve the title.

Be Mature

If you “tipe liek dis omgjklol!!!1” then I can guarantee that will not make a very good impression for members. Most of the time they will be thinking “What the hell am I doing here in a clan with a 10-year-old leader?” and then possibly leave after that. This also goes for flaming – NEVER flame another clan or clan member. If a clan starts flaming your clan, DO NOT flame back. Instead, try to talk it out with the other clan, and if that doesn’t work just ignore them. That way you show that you are being more mature by knowing how to keep your cool and not retaliating.

Be Fair and Nice

Do not be selfish and complain when things do not go the way you wanted them to. Discuss things with other staff before coming to a decision. Also discuss things with members before coming to a decision as they will want to feel included as well. Do not suspend or ban for petty things. Do not be too strict and put an iron fist over your clan, because while the clan may stay organized people will not like the environment. Older members should get more preference (aka do not put 2 week old members on staff). Always keep things democratic.

Interact with the Members

Don’t just keep to yourself and other staff. Talk with each of your clan members and get to know them. If they logon to Runescape always greet them and keep them on a friendly basis. The more open you are the more members will like you because you’re being so social.

Take Responsibility for your Actions
If you make a mistake, apologize and don’t cover it up. People like honesty, not lies, and they will not trust you if you lie. Everyone makes mistakes, accidents happen, but don’t hide them and people will forgive you.

Have Fun

Members will have more fun if they see you having fun. Even if you’re at an event you detest with all your heart just pretend to have a good time and be enthusiastic. Try to enjoy yourself and it will make leading a clan a lot easier and more fun.

Remember, the future and well-doing of the clan all depends on the future and well-doing of the leaders. Keep a constant flow going of everything mentioned above and you will be well on your way to being a great leader of a great clan. Many clans die every day, but keep your leadership perseverance strong and this will not happen to your clan.

This guide was made by one who has been around clans and been a leader of clans for a few years. Hopefully the knowledge I’m giving to you will help you look for and/or create and lead a successful clan.

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