April Informer – Not A Joke

posted by on 31st March 2008, at 10:13pm

Hello once again dear readers. It’s the end of the month which means it’s time to recap this month on Runescape. As always it’s filled with the usual joys of closing out the RSBandB Skill of The Month, starting a new SKOTM, and of course delivering Informer. The first day of April is well known across the globe as April fools day. I have no idea why but it is. Anyways this months Informer is not a joke.

This month we start our list of articles one of which concerns, Kennith’s [own] Concerns in Witchhaven, We also saw another universal update on Runescape whose aim is to protect player’s safety, The Stronghold of Player Safety. Whether the new stronghold is successful or not we’ll have to wait and see to find out. Finally another trip to ‘The Warren’ was taken to help fix some Bunny Connundrums. We also have an article entitled “Runescape Clans For Dummies” which hopes to help you find a good clan, create a good clan, and be a good clan leader. Alex also has also created another Manya’s Mayhem. This time it is entitled “TRY SOMETHING NEW #3.”

This month in Sig of The Month Dark Kuroyi claimed their first victory. They won with this signature:

Here is your trophy:

You may have noticed that this month’s Informer is a bit lighter this month. This is due to the fact that we are in a transition process to a more frequent and informing Informer. We are looking for a few applications during this time. The positions are as follows:

  • Runescape P2P Update Writer – This writer will be assigned and write about updates that happen on Runescape, hence why P2P is a must. You’re also free to write about other things as you see fit.
  • Gaming Writer – The gaming writer should have a Xbox 360 or PS3. They’ll be tasked with reviewing hot new games and anything that generally revolves around gaming.
  • Tech Writer – We are looking for someone who loves technology and dabbling with new software. We’re hiring for this position seeing as Matthew has decided to leave RSBANDBInformer! The new tech writer should be experienced with Windows. Mac or Linux would be nice but not required.

If you have any suggestions as to how you would like to see RSBANDBInformer! proceed please post them in this topic.

Shane, Brad, MQ, and The Informer Staff

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