Interview With Flockers. Rank 7 Woodcutter.

posted by on 31st January 2008, at 8:25pm

Hello everyone. This month I have an interview for you guys. The interview was with Flockers, who is currently rank #7 in Woodcutting. Here are the transcripts of when I caught up with the rank 7th and Canadian Woodcutter.

Shane: How long have you been playing Runescape?

Flockers: If I remember correctly, I started waaay back in 2004, during the summer with a good friend of mine. Can’t believe I’ve been playing this long

S: I think I started around that time as well, back in the good old days.

F: 🙂

S: Do you play any other games besides Runescape?

F: I do play other games here and there, but not any other MMORPG other then RuneScape

S: Was Woodcutting your first 99 skill?

F: Yuppers. Once again, waaay back, I think in summer 2005 I achieved 99

F: Had a great little party to top it off with aswell

S: Were there any other candidates for your first 99 back then?

F: Not that I know of. I did contemplate, like most did, to achieve level 99 in all combat stats. I scraped the thought later on, and decided to focus on skilling over combat

S: Nice.

S: How long did it take you to get 99 Woodcutting?

F: I’m really not sure about that one. I was chopping on and off for a while, until I finally decided to head straight for 99 woodcutting once I achieved level 99, so after chopping mindlessely at willows, I managed to grab level 99 in several weeks

S: Was there anything special about Woodcutting that attracted you to it?

F: I was always in it for the money back then, hence why I chopped thousands of magic logs back in the day during the road to 99 woodcutting

S: Wow that is certainly lots of money. I had a friend who did that once.

S: What made you decide to advance into the top 10?

F: Definitely a good question After achieveing level 99, I decided that I still needed quite a bit more money afterwards, so I decided to ‘camp’ out at some magic trees for a long period of time. To my amazement, after all the cutting, I ended up with 20 million woodcutting experience, which only motivated me to gain more after seeing that I was so highly ranked in woodcutting at that time

S: What was the hardest part for keeping yourself determined to get the next million xp?

F: Definitely the lack of interest in other areas of the game. Later on, I found that I started missing quests in which I would have always completled on the first day, I missed out on many of the latest updates, which hit me quite hard. But I knew that I just had to keep pushing on, and ingoring any large distractions along the way.

S: Ah i see. How much further do you plan on going?

F: Plain and simple – right ’till 200 million experience

S: Nice goal.

S: Do you do anything else while woodcutting?

F: Yuppers.I’m currently a staff member of one of the most known Pest Control clans out there, Heart Unit. Keeping up with the forums and IRC there keeps me busy greatly. Throw in the occasional YouTube visits every once and a while, and it’ll keep me sane form all the cutting

S: What are your thoughts on Summoning?

F: The way I see it, it’s definately now commonly known as the infamous “Pouch-making” skill. Overall, the skills seems decent enough for the great combat level rewards, but it does seems that it has definately taken the position of being one of the toughest skills in RuneScape now

S: Agreed. Any goals for summoning?

F: At this very moment, I’m hoping to act as if summoning is your everyday combat skill, so I will hope to raise it to a good level 80 or so over time. For now, I’m just trying to get myself in the highscores.

S: Same here.

F: It’s a pain though >_>

F: Surely much slower then Slayer, and I’m expecting it to be slower then RuneCrafting, if you include the collecting of the char

S: What does your name mean?

F: Ah, the name.

F: To be perfectly honest here, I’ll blanky say, it either means absoloutely nothing, or I forgot the reasoning behind it when I made it 4 years ago

S: Very well. Finally, any tips for our readers who may want to start a career in woodcutting?

F: Woodcutting isn’t a hard skill, as some would say – however, it’s time consuming for sure. Pick your favourite woodcutting spot, and stick to it for as long as you can. If you’re really feeling that momentum, never topple it down, just keep striving for your goal as much as you can

S: Good advice. Thanks for your time today.

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