February Informer: A Lovely Month?

posted by on 31st January 2008, at 8:25pm

February is nearly here, that means once again it’s time to recap January’s events. Depending on how you look at things January was either very good or a big let down. This month on Runescape was kicked off with another master quest, “Dealing With Scabaras.” Alex wrote an article on this quest and January’s most recent update, “As a First Resort…” Let us not forget that January was hyped up as the month where we would see “something new on the horizon.” Early in December we found out that this update was… Summoning! The second week of January saw the release of Summoning. Some like the skill, others refer to it as the “infamous pouch-making skill.” Jason gives us a look at the skill, while Rune Beast took a look at the quest required to start summoning, “Wolf Whistle.” Bluebrisingr wrote an article about what might happen if Jagex ever decided to remove free-to-play from the game. Wrapping up our Runescape coverage this month I was able to have a seat with Flockers, the #7 Woodcutter of Runescape and have a very nice chat with him.

Alex is back with another edition of Manya’s Meyhem: Trying Something New Chapter #2. Finally, Matthew has wrote an article about the reasons as to why we play the games we oh so dearly love.

This month Karl 67 took his first Sig of the Month victory. This signature was hand drawn using a tablet. Excellent work.


Here is your trophy:

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