No, it’s not the RuneScape Apocalypse

posted by on 31st December 2007, at 3:21pm

Of course, with the huge updates that befell RuneScape, you’d expect some whining by people who didn’t like it. With updates of that magnitude, make that lots of whining. But, contradicting what many of the pures/quitters/Pixes flooding (and I mean FLOODING) the rants forums, RuneScape is not coming to an end. Yet.

First off, I’ll deal with the drop limit. Even though this is a positive outlook on the updates, this one I don’t really like. Now I can see how gold farming companies and (obviously) drop traders could use this, but it just killed drop parties, unless you feel like holding it in the party room and having people show up for free stuff because it was broadcasted loudly all over banks. However, if you really wanted to give someone something legitimately, trading was always an option. I know some gold traders would clearly use other methods to trade gold because, well, if legit players get banned for real life trading with friends, a hugely unbalanced gold trade must ring Jagex alarm bells. Still, dropping was actually not a bad way to illegally transfer items.

Next, the trade limit. I have seen many good suggestions that could be implemented into this system. I earn all my own things and never had to borrow things (of course, unless my friends decided to give me things, in which case I’m grateful to them). This does drop down real life traders significantly. Therefore, I must say that I am in support of this update.

Gravestones, I’m not going to touch on them much since I already wrote an article on them. Basically they do hurt a little, but they do more good than bad. If you found some decent stuff from a dead player in monster areas, you were luckier than most of the RuneScape population.

The Wilderness updates are not really mine to write about here, but they aren’t “killing” the Wilderness. Now there aren’t a bunch of tag-teaming super pures running all over the oversized Wilderness killing any impures/clue scrollers/random people, right? Bounty Hunter allows you to fight other players in a different fashion, and many like it. Revenant ghosts are enough of a threat that they keep random clue scrollers from prancing around in the Wilderness without a care in the world, but they really aren’t anything special. Clan Wars allows you to fight other clans to see which is better, only now it’s been cut into groups of 100.

These things aren’t the only things that make up RuneScape. The main reason people play RuneScape and not some other MMORPG is because of the diversity of skills. Training skills was not affected by these updates. Going to fight big creatures was not hindered by these updates. You can still take your clan to the Kalphite Queen, you can still try to solo the KBD for precious loot. Of course, you can also do the many quests, play minigames, or just explore.

With Summoning coming out, do you really want to quit without seeing something invented in the minds of Jagex years ago become a part of RuneScape? I’m going to end with a quote from Alex 43, who said it nicely on the forums, “Heck, summoning is coming out! You’d think I’d quit now, after so many years of anticipation, when it’s just THAT close? NO!”

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