Let it Snow!

posted by on 31st December 2007, at 3:22pm


Happy Holidays everyone! As usual, Runescape celebrated the festivities with its yearly Christmas event which consisted of snow, snow, and …more snow.

Welcome to the Land of Snow

To begin the event, go to either Draynor, Falador, or other members cities such as Ardougne, Relekka, and Burthorpe. The first thing you have to do is gather snowballs from scattered snow piles throughout the area. I’d suggest you collect an inventory full to start out.


Then start building a snowman by right clicking the snowball and selecting “Build.”


You’ll need approximately 30 snowballs to make a complete snowman.


After you finish building a snowman, talk to a snow imp who’s roaming around the area to get a hat for the snow man. Add it on to your snowman and it’ll come to life, shouting some holiday spirits.


After a chat with your snowman, you can talk to the snow imp again and it will teleport you to the land of the snow. When you reach here, find the little tent where the Queen of Snow is and talk to her. She will give you your reward for the event, which is a snow globe of Lumbridge. When you shake the snow globe, it will cause snow to appear around you and will automatically fill your inventory with snowballs. You can also equip snowballs and throw them at people (although they have no effect or actually do anything to them) instead of using them to build snowmen.


If you create a snowman in the Land of the Snow, you have the option of bringing it to life with a weapon instead of a hat. If you use a weapon on it, it will fight other snowmen with weapons around it. You can help your snowman win the battle by hitting it with snowballs which will help it regain health.


You can explore the Land of the Snow around a bit more, but there isn’t much else to it than snow piles and snowmen. That concludes the Runescape 2007 Christmas Event.

My Opinions

I thought the fact that Jagex put throwing-snowballs-at-people part in was good because a lot of people wanted that after last year’s event and it adds a bit of fun into winter time in Runescape. However I thought building a snowman could be a little tedious because of the amount of snowballs you needed to build one. I like the effects of the snowglobe (filling cities with snow is fun), but personally I would have preferred some sort of wearable item like the ice weapons you give the snowmen. Overall I thought it was a pretty good event, although it still has a long way to go before it tops Christmas ’05.

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