January: A New Year, A New Runescape

posted by on 31st December 2007, at 3:23pm

Well it is now 2008 or 11111011000 as Matthew calls it. As we take a look back at December we see a very controversial month on Runescape. While the Christmas holiday event happen, this was covered by Jamie, Runescape was changed significantly. The Christmas update was much better than the year before. As I’m sure most of you know the wilderness was effectively killed off and pk’ing as we know it went with it. Jasonmrc covered the negative aspects of this update, while Rune Beast took on the positive aspects. Rune Beast also took a grim look into the new gravestone update. Jason is back as well with another edition of “The Skillz” this time covering Cooking, looks like a tasty article to me! Alex provides a look at what may be coming in 2008 on Runescape which provides a much nicer outlook considering what happened in December. He also has another edition of Dex Delivers, this time with a guide to the holidays. Matthew wraps up the year with some tech predictions for 2008!

This month Slimppu claimed his 6th Signature of the Month win. Congratulations. Here is your trophy:

He won with this signature:

Connor won the December Skill of The Month with a grand total of 11,337,978 xp gained in Hunter. Congrats.

Here’s to another year of Informer.
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