December Informer: Revolutionary Updates?

posted by on 30th November 2007, at 10:07pm

November was a month on Runescape that fulfilled overdue promises of duel arena enhancements, easier trading between players for skill related tasks, and a centralized market. All three of these were implemented in November. Will they hold up to the scrutiny of our writers? Lets find out.

Before we proceed any further I would like to point out that article featuring The Grand Exchange was not completed this month.

This month on Runescape started off with the Assist System. The Assist System is a tremendous leap forward in keep Runescape players safe, this update is fully covered in Bluebrisingr’s article. Following the Assist System, we’ve had a rather interesting and catching quest called Land of The Goblins, Jason wrote about this new quest. Finally, we have the Duel Arena tournaments. The Duel Arena tournaments have been widely scrutinized on Runescape from their limiting of the staking ability to the fact that it is very hard to enroll in a tournament, our very own Rune Beast took this task upon himself to review this controversial update.

In other Runescape-related articles this month, Jason has wrote another edition of “The Skillz” and Kelsey has wrote an article on just how she achieved her third 99 skill without losing a dime! Mr. Vortex has changed realms this month, he wrote on how exactly Runescape would have been effected if certain updates that user wanted in the past would have been developed. Alex is also back with the usual Manya’s Mayhem and Dex Delivers.

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