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Do you ever wish that you could cut those diamonds you got from randoms? Or how about being able to high-alch something? Well now with the introduction of the Assist system in Runescape, you can do all of that for no price at all.


Assisting is fairly easy to do and get the hang of easily. If you need assistance from someone else, simply right click on them and select the “Req Assist” option.


The person who is the assister, if he/she accepts the assistance request, will get a window showing all the skills that they can assist someone in. They simply select the skills that assistance is needed in and sit and watch their exp rise.


Only the assister will get exp – the person needing assistance will not, however they get access to the levels of the assister. Utilizing the assist system to its best, a level three could now get 9x rune essence if he/she had a friend of a high enough runecrafting level.

There are some limitations to the system though. The assister cannot move while assisting someone else and the person being assisted cannot move more than 20 squares away from the assister. This makes it slightly dull as you can’t do anything while assisting someone else. Also, you can only earn 30k exp a day from assisting others. If you hit the maximum around of exp, you will no longer be able to assist anyone. As usual, you cannot assist anyone where it would involve a quest, and members cannot assist free to play in members skills.

Only certain skills can be assisted in. They include Runecrafting, Crafting, Fletching, Construction, Farming, Magic, Smithing, Cooking, and Herblore. Even each of these have limitations to what can be assisted – see Runescape’s Knowledge Base Article for more information.

My Thoughts
It was cool when it first came out; I saw loads of people offering to assist others. But as usual it started to die down and now I don’t see many assisters any more, nor people asking for assistance. In my opinion I’d prefer to get the exp myself. However it is good for people who want to make money, so it all comes down to whether you want the exp or the gold.

Thanks to those who helped with the screenshots! – Say Topdog, Overkill519, and Bob Woodchop (even though he didn’t know I took a pic…)

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