November Informer – We Go Back To Our Roots

posted by on 31st October 2007, at 12:14pm

October was a rather interesting month on Runescape and the tech industry. On Runescape we had the shop improvement, the “Back To My Roots” quest, LootShare, and the Halloween event. We have articles on all 4 of these updates thanks to Southrend, Jasonmrc, Sev, and Bluebrisingr respectively. On the same tone of Halloween Rune Beast has written an article about the “noob armour” that these events give, which looks back at how things used to be in Runescape classic. The article also suggests a rather interesting Christmas event.

On the tech side this month Matthew has written about the new version of Mac OS X named Leopard. If you’re thinking about making the jump to Mac or are already a Mac user and are interested in switching, this one is for you. Other then that Alex is back with Manyas Mayhem and Dex Delivers.

This month Daniel has claimed his first SOTM win with this signature:

Here is your trophy:

In other RSBandB news Kirby won the October Skill of The Month which was agility. Congratulations.

That’ll be all for this month,
Shane, Mushroom Queen, Brad, and The Informer Staff.

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