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posted by on 31st August 2007, at 10:55pm

Have you retired from Runescape? Are you absolutely sick and tired of the nooby updates (or no updates if you’re free-to-play)? Do you just want to move on, get over Runescape, and play something else? Well, this section of the newspaper will hopefully provide you with some starting information to a new, good game to get addicted to besides Runescape. Introducing, Recommended MMORPG!

Since there seems to be a thing with FPS mmo’s this month (Counterstrike Source B&B game), I decided to do a recommendation on one I recently found:



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-Price: FREE
-Size: 186 MB
-Company: Ijji
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Game Info

Gameplay – Gunz’s gameplay is pretty much similar to the gameplay of any other FPS game you’ve played. From what I’ve heard about Counterstrike Source, Gunz is rather similar to it. When you create a new character, you can choose what “class” you want, although the only difference between classes are what starting weapons you have. There are three types of weapons you will start out with: a melee weapon (dagger/sword), guns, and bombs. You get money (called bounty) by killing others, and you can use the money to buy better weapons/armor. Here are some of the basic commands:

LMB: Use your weapon
RMB: Special melee attack
W/S/A/D: Up/Down/Left/Right
Double tab W/S/A/D: Roll or dash in that direction depending on whether you have a gun or a melee weapon
R: Reload
Shift: Defend yourself (only for a melee weapon)
Space: Jump


(Melee Special)


(Tags for kills)


(Closeup of shooting)

Types of Battles – Besides different maps for battles, there are also different types of battles that you can join. There’s a Solo Deathmatch (self explanatory), Team Deathmatch (self explanatory), Solo Gladiator (1vs1 battle with only melee weapons), Team Gladiator (teamvsteam battle with only melee weapons), Assassinate (two teams, one person on each team glows the team color, when they die that team loses), Training (no exp loss/gain from kills/deaths), and Berserker (one player is the berserker; their health will slowly decrease, but they can gain health by killing others, and when the berserker gets killed, their killer becomes the berserker).




Using Walls – In Gunz, you can also use the walls to your advantage. You can jump from a wall if you run at it then jump when you’re near it. If there are platforms above the wall, you can get to them by running up the wall, which you can do by running to a wall and jumping right when you’re at it. You can also use your melee weapon to hang from a wall by right clicking when you’re in the air near a wall. Lastly, you can run across a wall to cross large gaps in the floor by jumping when you’re running diagonal towards a wall. If you master walls and become a “monkey,” you can get to hard-to-reach places and make it harder for others to bring you down.


(Wall Hanging)


(Wall Running)

Quests – There are quests in Gunz as well as just regular battles. If you choose to play in “quest mode,” your main target will be to kill enemy monsters. There are many small stages within the quest, where you must defeat monsters and get to the portal at the end of the stage in a time limit to proceed. When a quest is cleared, the players will get the same amount of exp and money, as well as special quest items.


(Basic quest mode)

Why I Recommend this MMORPG

It took me a really long time to find a good FPS mmo that was completely free. I played Phosphor Beta for awhile before it got rather boring, but I am very happy with Gunz. Not only does it have everything that many P2P FPS games have, but it also has good graphics and many extras. It’s really addicting after you play it for a little while.

I kept this Recommended MMORPG a bit short since many people already play FPS games, and I don’t want to bore everyone out there who does. However, I highly recommend this mmorpg to anyone out there that’s a fan of FPS. In my opinion, Gunz is just as good as any FPS game that you have to pay for, plus it’s a quick download!

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