Motivate Yourself!

posted by on 31st July 2007, at 9:40pm

Have you done all the quests in Runescape? Are all your stats at a level where it gets tiring to train? Do you sit around and wonder why you even bother commanding a little pixel person to perform the same tasks over and over again? Well, it seems as though you need a little motivation to keep playing! I’ve been through this scenario one too many times, and through this, I’ve thought of six ways that might be helpful if you’re stuck in a little quagmire of boredom on Runescape.


-Set Goals

If you set goals for yourself, you will most likely have at least a little motivation to finish them. To remind yourself of these goals, use some goal signatures (which you can find on RSBANDB’s main site) and put them on forums that you go on. Every time you see them, you might just find yourself wanting to log back on to get 80 combat or to get 5 mil. Once you complete your goals, set higher ones until you get to the max. There’s only so many people with all 99 stats.

-Join a Clan

This was probably the most helpful way for me to motivate myself to play Runescape. The clan I just joined had an Iron War where only the top five combat-leveled players would go. This pushed me so much that I ended up gaining three combat levels within a week. Clans have many events that will get you to want to at least log on to Runescape, as well as the fact that you’re with a friendly community. You can motivate yourself to be the best in the clan (or just try not to remain the weakest). Whichever way you choose though, you’ll get some spirit to train and play Runescape.

-Start a New Character

If you’ve done all the quests, trained all your stats, then do it again! You probably had some fun playing Runescape when you first started out, so just repeat the process and you might again. There may have been changes to quests since you did them the first time. You can also train your stats differently, such as by making pures or skill pures. Having a pure will definitely put a different view on training. Try to do things a different way than when you first did them.

-Player Kill (PK)

One of the few reasons that I played Runescape before my 3-month hiatus was to test my luck at pking. Due to the fact that I was in this pk-craze stage, this led me to make a few pures myself, coinciding with the previous way-of-motivation. Although pking is mostly based on luck of the hit, it’s still fun to get some nice drops if you manage a kill. Since I was so into pking, I got more motivated to train my strength and get my combat up a bit. Pking helps relieve a lot of Runescape boredom, since it’s like a “live or die” scene, not a “watch your character train” scene.

-Take a Break, Play Other MMO’s, and Come Back to Runescape

Hopefully, if you take this tip, you won’t get so absorbed into the MMO you play that you forget about Runescape… Anyway, usually what I found was that when I started playing another MMO and came back to Runescape, there were some new updates that came out (example: Stronghold of Security). With these updates in the game, they made me want to check out what they were and play again. While some updates may not be very satisfying, they’re still something new to the game which is (some of the time) worth a look.

-Not a Member? Become a Member!

I put this last because I have yet to do it, but if there’s one thing that motivates me most to keep playing Runescape, it’s the fact that I may someday get members (and I wouldn’t want to be called a noob if my stats were low). There’s so much more to do in members that I have yet to try or see. Are your parents a problem? Well, simply save up a few bills and mail it over to Jagex; they’ll never know (hopefully). However, if you’re a member already and bored of Runescape, then just skip this.


I hope these ways of anti-boredom on Runescape have helped a bit. I’ve tried all of them (except for the members one) myself, and all of them have worked to bring some spark of motivation back. Maybe they’ll for you too!

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