August Edition: A Pruned Summer

posted by on 31st July 2007, at 9:39pm

Well hello there once again friends and community members. August is here once again and as I’m sure you gathered by the title we have a pruned edition this month. August was also a light month on Runescape with Barbarian Training, the Bird Graphical Update, the POH room increase, the nerfing of Pest Control, the Kings Ransom quest (which will be covered next month due to Informer staff difficulties), and Jagex’s monthly game improvements. Matthew has provided us with a look at what the Internet really is and some RSS based applications are featured in this months applications article.

Taking a deeper look at this months Runescape updates, Kelsey has wrote about Barbarian Training and Mithril Dragons. Sev has taken a look at the player owned house updates in combination with the fluffy winged creatures graphical update also known as the bird graphical update. Bluebrisingr has wrote on the many great enhancements that were long overdue to Runescape. She has also wrote an article that’ll give you some ideas on how to keep motivated in this oh so wonderful game we all know called Runescape. Southrend has taken the great challenge of writing on the controversial change to Pest Control. Alex has done his usual work with Dex Delivers and Manyas Mayhem. As mentioned above Matthew has written two good articles, on the internet and “apps of the month” which looks at RSS based applications this month. Finally Karl has created two more comics.

This month Jaden has claimed his first SOTM win with this signature:

Here is your trophy:

Enjoy this issue as it’s the last one before school starts in full swing once again 🙁

Shane, Brad, Mushroom Queen, and The Informer Staff!

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