Varrock: The New Look

posted by on 30th June 2007, at 9:01pm

After the white-brick-dazzling update to Falador, many wondered what Jagex would do to the next town that would gain a new look. Now, Jagex reveals the next city in their graphics updates: Varrock. Most of the change lies in the stone that envelops the city. Green stained-glass windows have replaced the old clear ones throughout Varrock.

Starting at the southern entrance of Varrock..

The guards have been updated with a new color of a/rmor and a yellow shield with a crossed-swords device. While their looks have changed, their attacks have not.


Moving towards the Rune Shop..

Thieves have also gotten an upgraded look, now wearing clothes and a hood of dark blue. The ground has been updated as well, with different hues to make it look more realistic.


The Rune Shop..

As mentioned before, the stone for the building has been updated, as well as the shop keeper who has a new look.


Moving up towards Varrock Center..

Standards have now been placed along the road. You can catch a glimpse of the new windows in the following picture. Fences have also become a lighter color and more realistic-looking.


Varrock Center..

Probably the most noticeable update about Varrock, the center fountain has been replaced to a much larger fountain with perpendicular stone bridges leading across it.


The Royal Palace..

Besides the stone and the windows, not much different can be seen about the palace, although the flags and emblems outside the main doors of the palace have been changed to match the yellow shield standards of the guards.

Moving Westward..

The Gypsie’s tent from the Demon Slayer Quest has now been changed to more vivid colors.


The Western Bank..

Other than the windows, the inside color of the bank has been changed, as well as the floor (and the new carpet).


Moving Eastward..

More windows in the shops. Also, the fountain along this road has been reduced to a smaller one.


The East Bank..

Same changes as the West Bank, windows/inside color.


The Varrock Museum

Probably the biggest update to Varrock. The Museum, instead of being a boring place visited once for a quest, has now expanded to include a multitude and a variety of different things to do with a added rewards. Each of the four floors is focused on a different subject about Runescape. If you help out around the museum on each floor, you will gain kudos. Get 51 or more Kudos and you will get 1k mining experience. Get 101 or more Kudos and you will get 2.5k mining and crafting experience. Get 151 or more Kudos and you will get 4k experience in Crafting, Hunter, Prayer, Slayer, and Smithing.


Ground Floor: Archaeology

Here you can help archaeologists at the Dig Site. If you find anything that may be important, it will be displayed and you will gain Kudos.

1st and 2nd Floor: History

You can gain rewards here if you’ve done lots of Quests. Information you get during Quests may prove useful to Museum visitors. If you have the right information, you may get a lamp that will provide you with experience in a skill.

Basement: Natural History

Helping out here consists of creating quizzes in order to tests the knowledge of school students who come to visit the Museum. You will gain Hunter and Slayer experience if you help out on this floor.

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